Corporate Workshops and Activities

Engage your staff in these entertaining, hands-on workshops and watch their productivity go through the roof! Plant Based Pirate has a range of activities designed specifically for the corporate client, that use the power of plant nutrition to boost mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. In these fascinating sessions learn how to reduce stress levels and absenteeism amongst your employees, improve mood and energy levels, reduce the toxic load on your overworked body and gain natural radiance for effective sales. All workshops include the background theory and information you need to get yourself started, a hands-on demonstration and interactive session, delicious samples to try and take home, and a full recipe handout.

Simply by adopting easy healthy eating strategies you can enjoy more energy, clarity and drive when it come to your work. In these classes you will find out how our eating habits and customs shape the way we relate to each other as business partners and colleagues, and how we can change our approach to the way we eat for better business relations and greater mental clarity and cognitive function. Learn what easy changes you can implement in your business lunchtimes to get greater productivity and satisfaction from your employees.

Workshops include:

How Healthy Eating Can Help Your Business


The Seven Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective People


How to Feed Your Mind – Work and the Psychology of Eating 


Desk Snack Hacks


Meal Prepping 101


Store Cupboard Staples for Weeknight Dinners


Breakfast on the Run


Building a Meal Plan


Frequent Flyer Strategies


Smart Routines for Shift Workers


Five Lunchtime Mistakes which are Harming your Business


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