Live Events

Plant Based 101

A workshop for the beginners, the transitioners, the vegan curious and for those expert level chefs wanting expand their culinary repertoire away from the norm – in this class you’ll learn the foundations of plant based cuisine. We will cover the basic essentials you need in your store cupboard to create a variety of delicious … Continue reading Plant Based 101

Vegan Christmas

So what happens when you have the family on their way for a festive dinner and you find out your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s mother in law has just gone vegan? No panic here as we find out how to make your whole Christmas cruelty free. In these days of plant based popularity it’s almost inevitable … Continue reading Vegan Christmas

Veganuary HACKED

With over 165,000 participants in 2018 are you ready to join the movement that has everybody talking? Whether you want to try plant based for your health, for the animals or for the planet, January is a great time to try it out and see how amazing you can feel with just a few simple … Continue reading Veganuary HACKED